Button badge can be found in different size, colors and design.  The use of button badge is universal.  Some use it for marketing purpose, some for identification and some might collect as a hobby.

Making money with button badge is relatively easy.  2 steps you need to follow:
1. Have a great design
2. Have a quality machine

Great Design:
People love to see something unique, attractive and outstanding.  If you can make great design, you can have an opportunity to get more people to choose your product. Button badge design is usually very simple, not too crowded and the message is direct.


Quality machine:
For starter, you can choose to buy 1 button badge machine.   You need to get a quality button badge machine in order to ensure you can sustain customer order.  Who knows, with your great design, your customer will keep coming with large quantity of order. If you are facing this situation, you must invest in automatic or semi-auto button badge machine.


If you successfully follow the 2 steps, the final step is by making sure you know who your target market, when to approach them and what other things you can offer for added value.  Stay tuned with us to know more about button badge making business.

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