Button and badge making are very enjoyable and relatively easy.  It’s also can be really cool to decorate and personalise a button badge. With a very simple decoration, you can pin it anywhere you like.    Making owns button badge is quick, simple and as its customised, there won’t be anyone else having same badge as yours.  Interesting??


How to Make Your Own Button Badge? Follow this 5 step:

  1. Design: With the use of design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc.  uses your creativity and imaginations to create the designs you love.
  2. Print: Once finished design, it’s time to print.  Remember before printing, your design got the correct size or diameter of the button badge.  You also must know that you should print your image on regular printer paper.
  3. Cut: Cut them as accurate and precise as you can. You can use scissors or blade (but believe me it would take longer time) or you can use Button Badge Die Cutter. Easy, fast and accurate cuts.
  4. Clamp: Press the image by turning the holders.  You can see the pieces in the image will be under the press. Next, just press down the handle and the pieces should disappear.
  5. Done: Pin it, wear it or distribute it!

Watch this video to see more accurate how we make button badge by using button badge machine.

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