To start a button badge making business, first step is by finding the best
button badge machine for your business.  Once you have decided on the right machine
for you, it’s time for you to let your creativity do their work.

Nowadays, there are a lots of free software you can used to create and design artwork for your button badge.  In case finding an ideas is quite difficult for you, you can always check out latest design ideas at here…<click here>

Once you finished created your own button badge design, print it out and cut’s your artwork accordingly. The best time is just begin!!  This is a basic step you may follow to produce your own button badge.


Step 1 – Use the 2000 Cut-a-circle to cut out your prepared artwork, photograph or magazine picture like so. Use the palm of your hand to rotate handle and always use the cutting board provide to protect your work surface.

Step 2 – Place the plastic pin back in the bottom of the dieset with the clasp side down, make sure the pin is located in the “East-West” position. Load the rest of the components in the following order: Badgefront facing up(edges down, curved face up), artwork and finally mylar clear plastic.


Step 3 – Pull the handle down until the top die engages with the bottom die. Gently release the handle to the upright position and you will notice that everything but the badge back has transferred to the top die. This is normal.

Step 4 –
With the tips of your fingers (both hands), push the front of your badge right up into the top die. You will feel a soft “plop” as the components move into position. Very little pressure is needed but make sure you use even right and left pressure. “This step is most important”

Step 5 – Note the slide bar under the bottom die and push it in. Pull down on the handle to the limit of it’s travel. You’ll feel some resistance as the badge is crimped. Gently release the handle. Your badge is now complete and ready to eject.

Step 6 – Using the ejector pin on the right hand side of the bottom die, push up to eject the completed badge.
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