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Starting a new business is a tricky situation. Challenges will appear out of nowhere driving you to think that it’s hard to begin a business. Well…at DIYPrintingSupply, we will make all that disappear. With our variety of business starter packages, you will not have to endure all the hardships of beginning a new business. The staffs at DIYPrintingSupply provides great customer service, and even with free product consultations. All you need to do is just give us a call.

For button badge lovers, we have got the perfect button badge package for you. It is a complete package as you can see below.


The high quality button badge machine is included with hands-on training, user manual, starter kit CD, training certificate, blank materials, paper, bunting and much more!

As mentioned before, if you purchase a package with DIYPrintingSupply, our trainers will give you training and guide you with conducting the machine. There will be technical support for after sale situations as well.

The button badge printing business is quite a popular business especially for those who are looking for beginning a small business at home. The printing business does not require a large space area or a big investment. Did you know that the starting cost of a button badge printing business is less than RM 2000?! Wow!

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Button Badge Machine, other than button badges

The given name is Button Badge Machine, and traditionally that is what it produces, button badges. But did you know that the button badge machine can produce many other souvenirs rather than just button badges? It’s true! There are a number of other souvenirs besides the button badge that a button badge machine can produce.

Some of the souvenirs are:

Ribbon Metal

Mirror Keychain

Cartoon Keychain

Fridge Magnet

Photo Stand

With the variety of souvenir products that you can produce with a button badge machine, this will allow you to make more income out of the one machine. As a button badge business owner, you can now expand your business and offer other services and more souvenirs options to your clients.

Having a variety of things to offer is definitely a plus because it means that you provide other options to your customers rather than just one thing in particular. Other than that, it is also a chance for you to get creative and experiment with the designs on new souvenir products.

Creating Button Badges (With tutorial)

Button badges are the perfect choice when you are looking for something to promote. In the long run, it has always been one of the most common medium that is used to send a message to the public. Some uses it as a way to promote their businesses, tell the public about upcoming events, used during political campaigns, the entertainment industries uses it to promote new album and movie releases and much, much more.

While some prefer ordering button badges directly to a manufacturer, others prefer making it themselves.

Some people prefer to order button badges from local button badge manufacturers because it is what they expertise in and the quality presented are great. Usually if the orders are in a large quantity, manufacturers will offer a special price for bulk orders.

However, there are some who prefer to buy a button badge machine and make these badges themselves. This is more suitable for people that are constantly using button badges in many different forms. Just because someone has decided to buy a button badge machine, it does not necessarily mean that it has to be used for a button badge business. It is just a cheaper alternative to do it yourself rather than repetitively ordering it at someone else. This is most suitable for someone who needs to make button badges regularly though.

In the end, it all comes out to what you prefer the most and what is the easiest and most effective way for you.

As promised, here are the simple steps in creating your own button badge.


Enjoy the video tutorial.

Button Badges for Entertainment Industry

You can see it on backpacks, pencil cases, makeup bag just to name a few. Button badges can be seen almost everywhere. They are unique, creative and make a statement. Although button badges can be used for many purposes like promotional, marketing, motivation and so on, today we are going to give you some ideas on how you can use button badges for entertainment purposes and guide your button badge business into the entertainment industry.

Make a great deal of money out of selling button badges with celebrities’ pictures and labelling. There are endless list of musicians and celebrities who, many ordinary people like you and me are addicted to. Every day we are introduced to the next top model, next top chart singer or the next hot celebrity. These kinds of printed button badges will always be favoured by fans of the musicians or celebrities. Your homework is just to study which musicians or celebrities is the latest hot stuff on Hollywood. Easy!

Besides that, you can also go for the top movies or TV shows that are currently airing or that had been aired before. Popular TV series always seem to have dedicated fans who always look for fun merchandise to collect, and that is exactly what you should do. Turn you button badges into merchandise that should be the reason for fans to buy.

If you are aiming for bulk orders, a brilliant idea would be for you to offer to companies that work in the entertainment industry such as record labels, independent music labels, radio stations and many more. Be professional and contact them and present your best quotations and business proposals. After that just keep your fingers crossed for new clients! 😀

Achieve High Income with Button Badges

Button Badges are timeless and are a fun and an inexpensive way to market companies or brands. They are also great to give out at children’s birthday parties or school fundraisers. Button badges are available in many different sizes. They can commonly be found in two shapes which are circle and oval.

Ever consider button badges as a business? Well you definitely should! Button badges are a low cost high profit business idea. You can begin you button badge business for a budget of lower than RM 2000!

To cut cost when starting a button badge business, it is highly recommended by experts that you should begin with buying a button badge machine that is included in a package like this one in the picture.

When you have invested in a package with complete utilities, you will not worry about any other equipment that you have missed out. If your package includes training and video tutorial, that is an absolute bonus!

A must when beginning a button badge printing business is the complete set of equipment like button badge machine, button badge mould, die cutter, button badge pin and more (see complete list here).

Promote your badges for:

  • Product launching
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Wedding favors
  • Brand marketing
  • Quotes, and more…
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Picture from : BUTTONBADGE.BIZ

Interested in beginning a button badge business? We have the experts to help you do just that! Click the button below to learn from the experts.

Ready-made Button Badge Templates

Button badge designs have no limits! It can be designed with so many different themes. If you are in the button badge printing business, you should clearly understand that there are endless of designs to choose from. Sometimes when you have customers who are interested in ordering button badges, they might not particularly know what designs they want. Other times, maybe they cannot decide on what designs that are the most suitable according to the kind of event that they are going to use it for.

In order to make things easier for your customer, you could come up with a hard copy album full of ready-made badge templates. You can even have a soft copy version of the templates that you can put on your company’s website or social media to make online ordering much easier. These methods can certainly be helpful for your customer to decide on which template to choose and most suitable for the purpose that they will serve.

It also helps if you create the designs according to the sizes of the button badges. This is so that your customers can have a slight idea of how big the designs on the button badge will be.

Level Up Your Business with Hydraulic Button Badge Machine

One of reasons why DIYPrintingSupply do not recommend the Hydraulic Button Badge Machine for our beginner customers is because the price is actually quite exorbitant. If you are still new in the button badge printing business, you’d want to start with a standard button badge machine that is priced at a reasonable deal and more suitable for the orders that you receive. When starting a new business you should stay safe and start with a small target first because the market is hard to predict. You may experience high and low profits.

Picture from: Badgesmaster

Picture from: Badgesmaster

However for those who have been in this business for quite some time and are constantly taking in bulk orders, we highly recommend for you to invest in the Hydraulic Button Badge Machine. Did you know that the Hydraulic Button Badge Machine can produce 200 button badges per hour? Yes, it’s true!

The Hydraulic Button Badge Machine functions entirely by electricity. It comes with a practical ‘quick-change’ mechanism that is able to produce various button badges in different sizes. Powered with an automatic microcomputer control system, the Hydraulic Button Badge Machine is faster, more efficient and durable. Furthermore, the Hydraulic Button Badge Machine has three different setting that you can adjust according to your needs. It can be set to manual, semi-auto or automatic.

Hydraulic Button Badge Machine

Hydraulic Button Badge Machine

Hence, DIYPrintingSupply highly recommend the Hydraulic Button Badge Machine for those button badge business owners who are thinking along the ways of expanding your business to another step.

Button Badges for Children

Button badges have practically been around since we were just children. The button badges have endless amounts of usage. As you may or may not have seen, it can be used as a fashion statements, promotional purposes, motivational purposes and many more. In today’s blog post, we’re going to touch on the third reason which is for motivational purposes. To be specific though, this blog post is about how you can keep children motivated simply by gifting them with a creative button badge.

With button badges, there are endless opportunities to decorate and design them with many creative ideas. You can print button badges with current cartoon characters or simple and short quotes or words of encouragement especially if they are meant for younger children.

In the hospital, in the children’s ward to be precise, it is important to create a fun and cheerful atmosphere for the seriously ill children. This is to encourage their wellbeing and make them keep their minds off painful experiences or nasty medications and treatments that they have to face on a daily basis. It is a must that the hospital tries anything possible to help with their healing process. Button badges can be one of them. It is a great and easy hands-on d.i.y project that you can do together with the children.

At school and tuition classes, educators can help slow learners boost their confidence and encourage them to study with more determination by rewarding them with fun and creative button badges with patterns and designs of their likings. By doing this, educators can create a healthy competition between the students making them entertained and at the same time.

Moreover, button badges can also be used for identification. For first days of school or orientation, during introductory sessions for example, children can wear button badges with their names on it to make it easier for them to remember each other’s’ names. Another example of using button badges for identification is during school or summer camps during ice breaking and teamwork sessions. Thus making interaction between them less awkward and more fun.

Interested? Get your button badges supplies at and start making button badges!

Button Badge Making Business Ideas for Money Maker

Button Badge is one of the most popular item in gifts industry because it’s cheaper than others, easy to distributed and flexible for any occasions.

In this article, we will share 3 reasons why people loves to choose button badges

Button Badges as a Money Maker:
There are millions of quotes you may find from the internet. There are quotes for life, business, loves, friendships and many more. This is because, most people nowadays loves to make this quote as their decorations. Don’t get it? Here some of the example:

28 29

Do you have an idea for a clever saying? Why not print it on a button badge, and sell it for profits. Do you know, you can get gross profit for 498% from one button badge? As long as the design is great, many will buy from you.

Button Badges as Part of Your Marketing Campaign:
You can always use button badges for your company marketing activity. The picture below is an example of how we use button badge as a medium to promote our business.


In “One Drop One Hope” campaign, we use button badge as a free gift to all participants who involved in donating blood on this day. We make sure all recipients know that the badge is from us by print our company logo on the badge.

Button Badges for FUN
Are you planning to throwing a big party or do you still looking for souvenir on your wedding? Custom-make button badges is a unique souvenir which everybody will love it, keep it and remember it. You can either distributed the badges during wedding day or after the ceremony when you sending a thank you card to them 🙂


Wedding Favour ideas

  • Buttons with the bride and groom’s engagement photo
  • Buttons with the bride and groom photos as children
  • Bride Side/ Groom Side Buttons
  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Buttons


Party Favor Ideas

  • Photo Buttons of your guest of honour as a child or in an embarrassing pose
  • Photo Buttons with the events name or theme
  • Photo Badges with the name of the guest

The possibilities with button badge are limitless. The opportunities to make profit with button badge making business is everywhere. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this awesome business!

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Start Your High Profit Business With Button Badge Making

18Have you ever attended any wedding and received nothing as a door gift? Now days, it is impossible to face this situation. This is because, we can find many affordable gifts according to the event.

One of the popular promotional gifts or door gifts in the market is button badges with photo or design. It is simply because it is affordable (or you can say it is cheap), meaningful and portable everywhere.

If you are looking for a low cost high profit business idea, then button badge making  is the best choice!  Time for making a button badge with button badge machine is only 25 seconds per piece. (we have customer who able to make one badge in 18 seconds).

How to make profit with button badge making business? Most people look upon button badge because of these reasons:

  1. Special souvenir for private or corporate events
  2. Promotional gifts for marketing activity
  3. Free gifts away for political campaign
  4. Self introduction badge for food industry or factory staff

So, START you Button Badge Business today and earn high profit with low cost+save time+high creativity=)

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