Button badges have practically been around since we were just children. The button badges have endless amounts of usage. As you may or may not have seen, it can be used as a fashion statements, promotional purposes, motivational purposes and many more. In today’s blog post, we’re going to touch on the third reason which is for motivational purposes. To be specific though, this blog post is about how you can keep children motivated simply by gifting them with a creative button badge.

With button badges, there are endless opportunities to decorate and design them with many creative ideas. You can print button badges with current cartoon characters or simple and short quotes or words of encouragement especially if they are meant for younger children.

In the hospital, in the children’s ward to be precise, it is important to create a fun and cheerful atmosphere for the seriously ill children. This is to encourage their wellbeing and make them keep their minds off painful experiences or nasty medications and treatments that they have to face on a daily basis. It is a must that the hospital tries anything possible to help with their healing process. Button badges can be one of them. It is a great and easy hands-on d.i.y project that you can do together with the children.

At school and tuition classes, educators can help slow learners boost their confidence and encourage them to study with more determination by rewarding them with fun and creative button badges with patterns and designs of their likings. By doing this, educators can create a healthy competition between the students making them entertained and at the same time.

Moreover, button badges can also be used for identification. For first days of school or orientation, during introductory sessions for example, children can wear button badges with their names on it to make it easier for them to remember each other’s’ names. Another example of using button badges for identification is during school or summer camps during ice breaking and teamwork sessions. Thus making interaction between them less awkward and more fun.

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