Do you know by using your personal computer, you can design your own button badge.  Don’t feel trouble if you don’t have specific software such as Adobe Photoshop.  Because by using a basic program such as Microsoft office  like paint or word, you still can do it.  As long as the program has the ability to care, basic shape, change color, adding text and clip art.  Easy, right?


Below were a very easy step you can follow to design your own button badge:

1.  Click to Open of any program that you want to use, in this case, it’s either Microsoft Word or Paint.

2.  Next, choose a shape tool in order to create a basic badge shape like a circle or rectangle.  Change the size with the measure 2.25 to 3.0 inches (normal size for button badge).  You may use a ruler to ensure the size is accurate.

3.  Choose your favorite color and fill it in the shape you had drawn before.  There are many choices of color in the color menu or you can click to custom shade that will offer more choices of color.

4.  Now, you may use the text tool and write your own slogan or words on top of your badge.  You can change the size and type’s of fonts for your text to make it looks more outstanding from the background.  You also can add image to make it looks interesting.

BB-DC32-b5.  Before saving the files, make sure you resize the badge accurately and leave a plain border  about 1/4 inch around the design. This is to avoid your button badge design was cut off during the badge making.

6.  Once done, print your design using the inkjet paper.  You can use scissors or badge circle cutter to cut the design accurately.  Now your design is ready to be processed as a button badge by using button badge making machine.

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