When you’re involved in gift printing business such as button badge making. It is crucial to have your own button badge machine. Normally your customer will prefer buying button badge in a bulk because it’s cheaper.

But if your hobby is to make a personalised button badge, you can start it without having a button badge machine.

The answer is by choosing a snap in button.


The most important is to create a design for your badge.  You can get it from the internet or using an imagination to create your own.  Just ensure you follow the size and shape of your button badge.  Once ready with your design, print and cut follow the template.  Make sure you know the diameter of the button badge.

Firstly, design your badge. Use your creativity to design but be sure  you’re following the size and the shape of the buttons.  You may use button badge template to avoid inaccurate shape.

Next, print your design and carefully cut your button badge design.

After that, place your design together with the clear plastic (Mylar) and the pin. Mylar will be placed on top of the design while the pins at the bottom.  Use snap in button and snap it between the covers and the pin back.

Finally, put a safety pin at the back of your button badge, and FINISH! Without
button badge machine, you still can produce your own personalised button badge.

However, if you have 500 to 1000 button badge waiting orders, it is more advisable for you to use button badge machine. At DIYPrintingSupply, we’re giving extra value worth RM200 for our button badge making business package.

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