45There are 3 matter you need to consider before start designing button badge.

  1. Who will get and wear this badge.
  2. Why they give this badge.
  3. What is the badge theme.

Once you get this 3 information from your customer, you may start designing the badge.  Follow these tips and make your customer extremely happy with your works:


  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Try to avoid too much wording. Remember “Less is More!”
  2. Use BOLD, clear fonts where possible and make font sizes as LARGE as possible.
  3. Please make sure your designs are  at least 300dpi (600dpi is preferable). The larger/higher quality the artwork, the better it will print!
  4. Try to use just 2 or 3 contrasting colors to help your custom badge designs stand out.
  5. Please allow 10mm of bleed all the way around the design.
  6. Once done, you can start to print and process your button badge.

Button badge is a very profitable business.  To know more about button badge business, you can visit us at http://diyprintingsupply.com/button-badge-machine-package.asp or contact us TODAY!!!

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