Designing your own button badge is very fun.  To ensure your design look appealing is not as hard as it looks.  Today, we will show you to design a button badge using Adobe Photoshop. (FYI, there are more design software other than photoshop)

Things You Need :

  1. Photoshop Software
  2. Paint Tool Sai Software ( PTS )
  3. Pen / Pencil
  4. A4 paper
  5. Scanner / Camera
  6. Your lappy / PC

How :
– Paint Tool Sai

  1. For newbie, we recommend you to sketch on A4 paper 1st.  Once you happy with the design, then you can start scanning the picture and upload it onto your computer.
  2. Open PTS Software.  Click File > Open > Click design  sketch you just upload > Open New Linework layer and paste the you’re uploaded picture (opacity 15-50). Click curve and adjust for better view.
  3. Once finish with your sketch, it’s time for you to colour the design.  Use different colour to create variety and attractiveness.
  4. Once finish colouring, save it into png/jpg file.


  1. Open Photoshop Software and upload design you save just now.  Edit and make the background transparent.
  2. Then, just leave it for a while.  Click File> New> Adjust width / height.  It’s advisable for the width/height is same.
  3. Click Ellipse Tool (U) and draw circle follow the size.  Make sure it’s standardize.  Then repeat again but this time make sure the size is smaller.  Double click at the smaller circle layer, tick stroke and adjust the size and colour.
  4. Then, go back to your design, click Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), copy and paste at your button badge design.  Adjust the image follow the size of your badge.  Add banner to write your message and once done, save for web and device .
    button badges

Now, print your design and use button badge machine to make it end product
(button badge).  Distribute or sell the button badge to get a higher income.
Good Luck!

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