Many gift printing business owner interested to enter button badge making business
as its required low capital but promising higher profits.

To start button badge making business, you’ll be needed at least 1 button badge machine.


There are many button badge machine suppliers in the market.  Always do some research before you decide to buy any kind of button badge machine. This is to ensure you’re investing in the right machine.

A few things you need to consider before buying a button badge machine:

  1. Look at your budget: Financially are you afford to pay this machine?
  2. Size of business: If you’re business starter in this field, its better you choose a lower cost machine.  Normally this type of machine is manual function.
    But if you’re an existing business owner who wanted to expand your business, think big.  Choose a button badge machine that can produce high capacity in limited time.
  3. Choose user-friendly machine:  Admit it, although you’re running a big business, not all machines you know exactly how to handle correctly.  That’s why you need to choose a user-friendly machine where you can learn how to handle it within minimum times.At, that won’t be an issue as we will provide FREE TRAINING for every purchase of the machine or you can always refer to the user manual provided for every machine purchase.

To ensure you’re proactive in the processing button badge, it is highly recommended for you to purchase a semi-automatic machine.

With, our button badge printing package comes with  semi-automatic machine and die cutter.  We cost of this package is only RM1,xxx
with additional value worth RMxxx

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