We always talk about button badges. This post, let’s us talk about other ‘badges’. This type badge is often seen on any online page such as blogs, minisites, forums etc.

10The purpose of having ‘badge’ for blogs are as a substituted for the link button or a banner. Why we calls it as a ‘badge’ because it have small graphic with actions words such as ‘START NOW!’,’ CLICK HERE!’,’ CLICK NOW!’ etc.

When you decided to added a ‘badge’ on your blog, you must now the purposes of the ‘badge’

  • To represents your blogs.
  • To guide your reader on what to do next.

As we mention above, you need to make sure the ‘badge’ design is showing your blog such as your blog logo or name. The badge can be a variety of design, shapes and sizes.

Now you know about online badges.  How about offline badges? Both online or online badges help to boost your business.

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