The wedding day is the most joyful day in our life.  No matter who you are, what you did, how much money you get monthly, you will always want your guest to get something special on your wedding day.  This wedding favor we call as wedding door gift.  It’s a way to say “thank you for coming” to your guest.


Remember your guest is not just for those people who you invited to come to your wedding, but you can also consider people who help you during the entire events as your guest as well.  These people include your own family members, people who work with the caterer, neighbor etc.

If you think you will overspend if buy something for those people, think again! The personalised wedding button badge is the best gift you can distribute on your wedding day! Why?


  1. Because you can custom make the design of the badge follow your wedding theme
  2. Because it’s easy to find the manufacturer or buy online. <<Click here>>
  3. Because your wedding guest can wear it on the spot.
  4. Because  the price is incredibly cheaper compare to other wedding gifts.

However, if button badge is  just not your favorite, there are plenty of personalised gifts you can get by <<click here>>

Most important, whatever gift product you want to give on your wedding day, make sure it is still within your budget.  At the end of the day, everyone happy and should enjoy the wonderful day. Happy Marry!!

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