Express Yourself With Variety of Button Badge Design

20Every people have different ways to express themselves. Fashion is one of the best ways to show your personality. Some people add extra accessories such as pearl, ribbon and variety of button badge design.

For those who don’t know, button badge can be worn on your clothes, caps, bags or purse and many more.  These pins can also be used as a tool for marketing activity. As long as the badge shows attractive design.

Button badge is not new in the gift industry.  They have been around since 1896 but during that period of time, they are more popular among military as a form of identifications.  The more badge you collect, the higher your ranking.  As time pass by, these badges became popular and evolved – today, you can find an average male or female wearing these button badges.


Button badge can be found easily at the shopping mall, gift shop, etc.  But at this place, the badge is not unique and limited choices.  The best way to get a unique design is by online purchase where most of them allowed you to custom made the design of your badge.  There are many sites selling personalised button badge such as and

Tutorial on Design a Button Badge Using Photoshop

In this article, we want to share how to design a button badge using a basic Adobe Photoshop.  This tutorial video is from  Enjoy~

As shows in the video above, designing button badge is relatively easy and fun.  You can either choose to make photo badge, cartoon, or just a simple word as your button badge design.  If you have a problem with searching for an idea, not to worry.


WHY? Because nowadays you can browse anything from the internet and find millions of button badge design.

Click here=>  Button Badge Design Ideas

As we always mention before,
button badge making business is a very profitable business.  Due to this reason, we always encourage to you people out there to involve in this business to generate higher income.

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2 Simple Step to Making Money with Button Badge Making Business

Button badge can be found in different size, colors and design.  The use of button badge is universal.  Some use it for marketing purpose, some for identification and some might collect as a hobby.

Making money with button badge is relatively easy.  2 steps you need to follow:
1. Have a great design
2. Have a quality machine

Great Design:
People love to see something unique, attractive and outstanding.  If you can make great design, you can have an opportunity to get more people to choose your product. Button badge design is usually very simple, not too crowded and the message is direct.


Quality machine:
For starter, you can choose to buy 1 button badge machine.   You need to get a quality button badge machine in order to ensure you can sustain customer order.  Who knows, with your great design, your customer will keep coming with large quantity of order. If you are facing this situation, you must invest in automatic or semi-auto button badge machine.


If you successfully follow the 2 steps, the final step is by making sure you know who your target market, when to approach them and what other things you can offer for added value.  Stay tuned with us to know more about button badge making business.

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Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
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The Different Use of Personalised Button Badge

Many organisations often use button badge as a tool to deliver a clear message to their customers.  For instance most front liner Tesco staff will wear “Go Green” button badge on Saturday as a campaign for non-plastic day.

If your company is facing limitations in financing your marketing activities such as awareness campaign or introducing product promotion, button badge is the best options for you.

What you need to do with button badge?
51Simple! Just print strong words that can attract and inspired people onto the badge and distribute it to your customer as a free souvenir.

Button badge can also be used as name tags or id tag.  You can see most of fast food restaurant staff wearing button badge as their name tags.  The reason they are using button badge instead of the name tag is to show informality and friendliness atmosphere.

Take note that your button badge design must be simple but approachable to make the message clearly deliver to your target market.
To make it more attractive, use suitable image and color.

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How To Design & Making Button Badge With Photoshop

Designing your own button badge is very fun.  To ensure your design look appealing is not as hard as it looks.  Today, we will show you to design a button badge using Adobe Photoshop. (FYI, there are more design software other than photoshop)

Things You Need :

  1. Photoshop Software
  2. Paint Tool Sai Software ( PTS )
  3. Pen / Pencil
  4. A4 paper
  5. Scanner / Camera
  6. Your lappy / PC

How :
– Paint Tool Sai

  1. For newbie, we recommend you to sketch on A4 paper 1st.  Once you happy with the design, then you can start scanning the picture and upload it onto your computer.
  2. Open PTS Software.  Click File > Open > Click design  sketch you just upload > Open New Linework layer and paste the you’re uploaded picture (opacity 15-50). Click curve and adjust for better view.
  3. Once finish with your sketch, it’s time for you to colour the design.  Use different colour to create variety and attractiveness.
  4. Once finish colouring, save it into png/jpg file.


  1. Open Photoshop Software and upload design you save just now.  Edit and make the background transparent.
  2. Then, just leave it for a while.  Click File> New> Adjust width / height.  It’s advisable for the width/height is same.
  3. Click Ellipse Tool (U) and draw circle follow the size.  Make sure it’s standardize.  Then repeat again but this time make sure the size is smaller.  Double click at the smaller circle layer, tick stroke and adjust the size and colour.
  4. Then, go back to your design, click Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), copy and paste at your button badge design.  Adjust the image follow the size of your badge.  Add banner to write your message and once done, save for web and device .
    button badges

Now, print your design and use button badge machine to make it end product
(button badge).  Distribute or sell the button badge to get a higher income.
Good Luck!