Button Badge Making Business Ideas for Money Maker

Button Badge is one of the most popular item in gifts industry because it’s cheaper than others, easy to distributed and flexible for any occasions.

In this article, we will share 3 reasons why people loves to choose button badges

Button Badges as a Money Maker:
There are millions of quotes you may find from the internet. There are quotes for life, business, loves, friendships and many more. This is because, most people nowadays loves to make this quote as their decorations. Don’t get it? Here some of the example:

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Do you have an idea for a clever saying? Why not print it on a button badge, and sell it for profits. Do you know, you can get gross profit for 498% from one button badge? As long as the design is great, many will buy from you.

Button Badges as Part of Your Marketing Campaign:
You can always use button badges for your company marketing activity. The picture below is an example of how we use button badge as a medium to promote our business.


In “One Drop One Hope” campaign, we use button badge as a free gift to all participants who involved in donating blood on this day. We make sure all recipients know that the badge is from us by print our company logo on the badge.

Button Badges for FUN
Are you planning to throwing a big party or do you still looking for souvenir on your wedding? Custom-make button badges is a unique souvenir which everybody will love it, keep it and remember it. You can either distributed the badges during wedding day or after the ceremony when you sending a thank you card to them ūüôā


Wedding Favour ideas

  • Buttons with the bride and groom’s engagement photo
  • Buttons with the bride and groom photos as children
  • Bride Side/ Groom Side Buttons
  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Buttons


Party Favor Ideas

  • Photo Buttons of your guest of honour as a child or in an embarrassing pose
  • Photo Buttons with the events name or theme
  • Photo Badges with the name of the guest

The possibilities with button badge are limitless. The opportunities to make profit with¬†button badge making business¬†is everywhere. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this awesome business!

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The Power Of Using Button Badge In Marketing Activities

With a correct design and powerful message, badge and button is and effective tools for promoting your company and product.  Using button badge, by putting company logo or brand is more than enough to spread all kinds of information towards your customer.


What Makes Badge Button is a Powerful Medium for Marketing Activites?

  1. 23Small size comes with big potential of attracting customer to wear and remember the badge and the message on it.
  2. Button and badge have been always welcome in the fashion industries. You can make it in a bulk once and use it without expiry date.
  3. Button badge is multipurpose. ¬†You can use it as a pin’s, Keychain’s, mirror’s etc.
  4. Button badge is cheaper compare to others promotional item. Business starter also affords to use button badge as part of their marketing promotional item.

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The Different Use of Personalised Button Badge

Many organisations often use button badge as a tool to deliver a clear message to their customers.¬† For instance most front liner Tesco staff will wear “Go Green” button badge on Saturday as a campaign for non-plastic day.

If your company is facing limitations in financing your marketing activities such as awareness campaign or introducing product promotion, button badge is the best options for you.

What you need to do with button badge?
51Simple! Just print strong words that can attract and inspired people onto the badge and distribute it to your customer as a free souvenir.

Button badge can also be used as name tags or id tag.  You can see most of fast food restaurant staff wearing button badge as their name tags.  The reason they are using button badge instead of the name tag is to show informality and friendliness atmosphere.

Take note that your button badge design must be simple but approachable to make the message clearly deliver to your target market.
To make it more attractive, use suitable image and color.

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Why Personalised Button Badge is Your Customer Number ONE Choices in Their Marketing Activities?

48Button badge is used by school, political campaign, corporate company and non-profit organization for so many reasons.  A personalized button badge is a great way for these entities to introduce their product, promoting the company and selling ideas.

One of the reasons why most companies prefer to use button badge as their promotional item gift away is because this badge is an excellent way to communicate and persuade your audience about their product/message.  The badge itself has a unique ability that captures the eyes of their target audience to understand the message and information printed on the badge.


Another reason is because the cost to produce the badge is reasonable.  Especially when they want it on a large quantity.

Next is because the design is limitless, personalised the badge design that match with their purpose of having the button badge.

The most popular reason why most of these companies choose button badge as their promotional activities is because it’s easy to distributed compared to other promotional item.

At DIYPrintingSupply, we help you to expand your gift printing business with a personalised button badge and many more personalised gift items.  No matter, who your prospect will be, you can always earn higher profit with this business. Help them to promote their business by making a low cost and high profit business with them.

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There are many types of promotional products available, and badges can be utilized for this purpose. Promotional badges can be used effectively for political campaigners, product campaigns, corporate promotions, concerts and charities. These types of badges are also a valuable tool for staff awards and recognition. Many business sectors have benefited from the mass appeal of a well designed promotional badge.


When gift give-aways form a part of a marketing campaign, it makes sense to find a promotional product that offers a bit of an edge, and still fits in with the give-away ideal of being practical and long lasting.

Promotional badges are available in many styles and colours, sizes and materials. Printed badges are also available as button, enamel, flexible 2D, flexible 3D, die stamped or embroidered badges. To generate good sales and make a good profit, the products have to be communicated to the customers, and in marketing this is commonly known as promotion. Promotional badges are one step forward to achieving this ideal.


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