Start Your High Profit Business With Button Badge Making

18Have you ever attended any wedding and received nothing as a door gift? Now days, it is impossible to face this situation. This is because, we can find many affordable gifts according to the event.

One of the popular promotional gifts or door gifts in the market is button badges with photo or design. It is simply because it is affordable (or you can say it is cheap), meaningful and portable everywhere.

If you are looking for a low cost high profit business idea, then button badge making  is the best choice!  Time for making a button badge with button badge machine is only 25 seconds per piece. (we have customer who able to make one badge in 18 seconds).

How to make profit with button badge making business? Most people look upon button badge because of these reasons:

  1. Special souvenir for private or corporate events
  2. Promotional gifts for marketing activity
  3. Free gifts away for political campaign
  4. Self introduction badge for food industry or factory staff

So, START you Button Badge Business today and earn high profit with low cost+save time+high creativity=)

Waaaiiiiiittttt!!! Not sure where to begin?

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How to Make Variety of Button Badges

If you want to start generate income with button badge, the first thing you need to consider is having a button badge machine. With, we supply button badge machine that can make various sizes of button badge such as 25mm, 32mm, 44mm, 58mm and 75mm.

Why Invest in Button Badge Making Business?

Personalised button badges or button badge making in small bulk quantity are still a niche market and higher profit margin business. People will choose button badge as a free giveaway item because it’s easy to be distribute and cheaper compare to other gifts. Button badge are also relevant as a gift to variety of occasions such as political campaign, promotional activity, corporate and personal event and many more.

Start your button badge making business with Button Badge Machine TODAY. In this video, see how to make your button badges (normal pin & keychain mirror) easily in less than 1 minute with button badge machine.

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Button Badge Printing Service | Malaysia

07Are you looking for a promotional item such as personalised button badge for your corporate marketing event?
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6 sizes available: 75mm, 58mm, 44mm, 32mm, 28mm, 25mm.
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Tutorial on Design a Button Badge Using Photoshop

In this article, we want to share how to design a button badge using a basic Adobe Photoshop.  This tutorial video is from  Enjoy~

As shows in the video above, designing button badge is relatively easy and fun.  You can either choose to make photo badge, cartoon, or just a simple word as your button badge design.  If you have a problem with searching for an idea, not to worry.


WHY? Because nowadays you can browse anything from the internet and find millions of button badge design.

Click here=>  Button Badge Design Ideas

As we always mention before,
button badge making business is a very profitable business.  Due to this reason, we always encourage to you people out there to involve in this business to generate higher income.

Generate Higher Income with  Button Badge Making Business 

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Reason to Involve in Button Badge Making Business

BB58_Button Badge Making

We know we often post about button badge making business package.  The only reason we do that is because we don’t want you to miss this valuable opportunity in making money.

Button badge making business without doubt is a profitable business in gift printing industry.  Button badge has its own fans.  Often we see an organisations choose button badge for their promotional tools.  This is because button badge is cheaper than other promotional item especially when they needed it in bulk.

At, our button badge making business package starts from
RM1, 400. This package is included button badge machine & mold, die cutter, accessories, paper & materials as well as training & certificate.


By choosing button badge making business package, you also will entitle to get a variety of button badge pins, cartoon Keychains, mirror Keychains & fridge magnets. There are several badge sizes you may choose which is from from Round 75mm, 58mm, 44mm, 32mm, 25mm or Oval (57mm X 45mm).

It’s true that button badges with company or event logo are one of the major promotional tools in gift printing industry for advertising & promotional campaigns. So, don’t wait further, let’s start making profit by making and selling personalised button badge NOW!!!

Generate Higher Income with  Button Badge Making Business

Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
Contact Person : 019.3233.864 / 019.3232.556 /019.3232.740
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