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Button badges can be seen almost everywhere nowadays. People are wearing it on their t-shirts, backpacks, pencil cases and many more places possible. We all know that everyone likes a button badge with a cute picture on it, or ones with pictures of our favourite celebrity, but have you considered making a business out of it? Yes, why not make a business out of it? It can be a small business at first, and who knows maybe eventually you’ll make a great deal of money out of it? A button badge printing business is easy, first thing’s first though, you need to know what is currently popular in the market. Here are some fun ideas for your first production button badge printing.


1)      Musicians and celebrities

There are endless list of musicians and celebrities who, many ordinary people like you and me are addicted to. Every day we are introduced to the next top model, next top chart singer or the next hot celebrity. These kinds of printed button badges will always be favoured by fans of the musicians or celebrities. Your homework is just to study which musicians or celebrities is the latest hot stuff on Hollywood. Easy!

2)      Cartoon characters

This second idea is great for children. It is basically the same idea as the first example other than now your market is focused towards children. Button badges with cartoon characters on them can be worn during children’s birthday celebrations, or it can be used in classrooms by teachers as a way to reward students or motivate them to study, or even just for fun.


3)      Fashion logos

By using fashion logos is another creative way to sell your DIY button badges. A lot of fashionistas out there would be attracted to use these button badges as decorative items to beautify their item of choice.


4)      Short statements

This is another popular choice of button badges lately. I myself have seen may teenagers flaunt it on their backpacks and pin them on their student card lanyard. Keep in mind to produce positive statements that can attract them, or even statements that are catchy.


These are only four out of hundreds of many more interesting ideas. Why not give it a try? Good luck!

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DIY Personalised Button Badge Printing Business, Start TODAY!!

Are you ready to start a LOW Cost business but HIGH Profit in return? 30 proposed Button Badge Making Business. Do you know want to know the reason why button badge business can help you to generate high income?

Here are 5 Reason:

  1. 20Choose by most corporate sector or event coordinator as a small token/souvenir during special occasion such as birthday parties, weddings, annual dinner, personal event etc.
  2. Buttons are great for political, special interest campaigns, or fundraising
  3. Corporate sector using button badge as a promotional giveaway to promote a product, brand, event, ideas and many more.
  4. Some people using button badge to expressing themselves by pinning the buttons on your clothing, hat, backpack, or purse
  5. And a lot more……..

There are demand for personalised button badge everywhere.  Take this opportunity and  Start NOW!!! 


Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
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Button Badge Printing Service | Malaysia

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The Power Of Using Button Badge In Marketing Activities

With a correct design and powerful message, badge and button is and effective tools for promoting your company and product.  Using button badge, by putting company logo or brand is more than enough to spread all kinds of information towards your customer.


What Makes Badge Button is a Powerful Medium for Marketing Activites?

  1. 23Small size comes with big potential of attracting customer to wear and remember the badge and the message on it.
  2. Button and badge have been always welcome in the fashion industries. You can make it in a bulk once and use it without expiry date.
  3. Button badge is multipurpose.  You can use it as a pin’s, Keychain’s, mirror’s etc.
  4. Button badge is cheaper compare to others promotional item. Business starter also affords to use button badge as part of their marketing promotional item.

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Creative Promotional Badges For Your Company Marketing Activity

42Button badge with a company logo or product is the best promotional item ever.  The cost is cheaper, the message is transformed directly and the distribution is very simple.  The right design and color of the badges can give it a trendy eye catching appearance any one would love to look and admire.

When you decide to choose button badge as your promotional item giveaway, the 1st thing to do is to design your badge according to the purpose of your event’s theme.  For example, if you’re launching new products in the market, you can just print the product photo together with the product motto.


You do not have to spend much to be effective with your campaign. There are promotional badges that you can use that can catch your target customers attention from excellent manufacturers using modern technology with good creativity and workmanship.

There are so many online design companies willing to design a promotional button badge for you.  You need to choose the best company who isn’t just having creative design but also excellent service so that you can manage to get the product on time.  With, we encourage you to personalise your own badge with our superb fast services.

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