Creating Button Badges (With tutorial)

Button badges are the perfect choice when you are looking for something to promote. In the long run, it has always been one of the most common medium that is used to send a message to the public. Some uses it as a way to promote their businesses, tell the public about upcoming events, used during political campaigns, the entertainment industries uses it to promote new album and movie releases and much, much more.

While some prefer ordering button badges directly to a manufacturer, others prefer making it themselves.

Some people prefer to order button badges from local button badge manufacturers because it is what they expertise in and the quality presented are great. Usually if the orders are in a large quantity, manufacturers will offer a special price for bulk orders.

However, there are some who prefer to buy a button badge machine and make these badges themselves. This is more suitable for people that are constantly using button badges in many different forms. Just because someone has decided to buy a button badge machine, it does not necessarily mean that it has to be used for a button badge business. It is just a cheaper alternative to do it yourself rather than repetitively ordering it at someone else. This is most suitable for someone who needs to make button badges regularly though.

In the end, it all comes out to what you prefer the most and what is the easiest and most effective way for you.

As promised, here are the simple steps in creating your own button badge.


Enjoy the video tutorial.

Start Your High Profit Business With Button Badge Making

18Have you ever attended any wedding and received nothing as a door gift? Now days, it is impossible to face this situation. This is because, we can find many affordable gifts according to the event.

One of the popular promotional gifts or door gifts in the market is button badges with photo or design. It is simply because it is affordable (or you can say it is cheap), meaningful and portable everywhere.

If you are looking for a low cost high profit business idea, then button badge making  is the best choice!  Time for making a button badge with button badge machine is only 25 seconds per piece. (we have customer who able to make one badge in 18 seconds).

How to make profit with button badge making business? Most people look upon button badge because of these reasons:

  1. Special souvenir for private or corporate events
  2. Promotional gifts for marketing activity
  3. Free gifts away for political campaign
  4. Self introduction badge for food industry or factory staff

So, START you Button Badge Business today and earn high profit with low cost+save time+high creativity=)

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5 Basic Step to Create Personalised Button Badge

button-badgeIn gift printing business, you must know how to design and play with your creativity.  Personalised button badge usually do not required too many wording or picture.

However, we know some of us are not technology literate.  However, this is not the reason you shouldn’t involved in this business.  In this article, we will share the basic ways to design a button badge for button badge making business starter.

For additional information, there are numbers of design applications you can used using your computer or laptop.  However, in this post, as we want to share to you the most basic ways to design a button badge, so we will used Microsoft Office software. 29

Are you ready to learn? For start, open program you wish to use, either Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Word.



  1. Click on the shape tool to create a basic circular-badge shape. Re-size it so that the badge measures a badge width of 2.25 inches or 3 inches. Use a ruler to check the width of the badge shape on the screen or check the size by holding up an existing badge.
  2. Fill the shape with the color of your choice from the color menu. Choose a custom shade by selecting the custom color menu, which will offer more choices.
  3. Use the text tool to write a funny word or slogan on the face of your badge. Center the text or lay out your words in a random style for your badge design. Leave a plain border around the text or image field of about 1/4 inch, so that your words or image won’t get cut off of the badge face during the badge-making process. Create your own font in Paint by drawing the letters and filling them in with color, as an alternative method.
  4. Insert a clip art image from the clip art menu and resize it to fit onto your badge interface. You could also create your own image by hand and scan it into your computer, or create an image in Paint and save it.
  5. Print your badge design using inkjet paper. Use a badge circle cutter to cut out your designs that are ready to be turned into badges using your badge-making machine.

Button badge is suitable individual or corporate occasions. Start your own
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Six Easy Steps to Create Your Own Badge

To start a button badge making business, first step is by finding the best
button badge machine for your business.  Once you have decided on the right machine
for you, it’s time for you to let your creativity do their work.

Nowadays, there are a lots of free software you can used to create and design artwork for your button badge.  In case finding an ideas is quite difficult for you, you can always check out latest design ideas at here…<click here>

Once you finished created your own button badge design, print it out and cut’s your artwork accordingly. The best time is just begin!!  This is a basic step you may follow to produce your own button badge.


Step 1 – Use the 2000 Cut-a-circle to cut out your prepared artwork, photograph or magazine picture like so. Use the palm of your hand to rotate handle and always use the cutting board provide to protect your work surface.

Step 2 – Place the plastic pin back in the bottom of the dieset with the clasp side down, make sure the pin is located in the “East-West” position. Load the rest of the components in the following order: Badgefront facing up(edges down, curved face up), artwork and finally mylar clear plastic.


Step 3 – Pull the handle down until the top die engages with the bottom die. Gently release the handle to the upright position and you will notice that everything but the badge back has transferred to the top die. This is normal.

Step 4 –
With the tips of your fingers (both hands), push the front of your badge right up into the top die. You will feel a soft “plop” as the components move into position. Very little pressure is needed but make sure you use even right and left pressure. “This step is most important”

Step 5 – Note the slide bar under the bottom die and push it in. Pull down on the handle to the limit of it’s travel. You’ll feel some resistance as the badge is crimped. Gently release the handle. Your badge is now complete and ready to eject.

Step 6 – Using the ejector pin on the right hand side of the bottom die, push up to eject the completed badge.
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Generate Higher Income with  Button Badge Making Business 

Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
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How to Make Your Button Badge

How to make your button badge? It is easy like eat kacang putih. Button badge making business required low cost to start but if you know how to find market, you can earn maximum income.

Video tutorial below shows easy ways to make button badge using button badge machine. Enjoy~

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Generate Higher Income with  Button Badge Making Business 

Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
Contact Number : 019.3233.864 / 019.3232.556 /019.3232.740
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