Express Yourself With Variety of Button Badge Design

20Every people have different ways to express themselves. Fashion is one of the best ways to show your personality. Some people add extra accessories such as pearl, ribbon and variety of button badge design.

For those who don’t know, button badge can be worn on your clothes, caps, bags or purse and many more.  These pins can also be used as a tool for marketing activity. As long as the badge shows attractive design.

Button badge is not new in the gift industry.  They have been around since 1896 but during that period of time, they are more popular among military as a form of identifications.  The more badge you collect, the higher your ranking.  As time pass by, these badges became popular and evolved – today, you can find an average male or female wearing these button badges.


Button badge can be found easily at the shopping mall, gift shop, etc.  But at this place, the badge is not unique and limited choices.  The best way to get a unique design is by online purchase where most of them allowed you to custom made the design of your badge.  There are many sites selling personalised button badge such as and

10 Reason Why Most People Choose Button Badge

17Have you ever saw people wearing colorful and big sized button badge that is not matched with what they are wearing but still looks outstanding?  Well, that is obviously some way how branding is advertised.  Button badge is just a medium, the words that are printed on the badge is the main reason why they willing to wear this badge.

Not everything about button badge is just for promotional activity.  There are also people wear the badge to add accessories and looks trendy.  But Why Button Badge?

  1. Button Badge is fun!
  2. Button Badge is collectable
  3. Button Badge  can carry a message or make a statement
  4. Button Badge is walking, talking Billboards!
  5. You can add Button Badge at a hat, shirts, handbag, jacket, you name it..
  6. Button Badge helps you to promote businesses and campaigns
  7. Button Badge provides identification
  8. Button Badge is great as a gift away for birthdays and occasions
  9. Button Badge can make you think what are the message
  10. Button Badge can make you laugh with the cheerful design


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Personalised Button Badge on Your Wedding

The wedding day is the most joyful day in our life.  No matter who you are, what you did, how much money you get monthly, you will always want your guest to get something special on your wedding day.  This wedding favor we call as wedding door gift.  It’s a way to say “thank you for coming” to your guest.


Remember your guest is not just for those people who you invited to come to your wedding, but you can also consider people who help you during the entire events as your guest as well.  These people include your own family members, people who work with the caterer, neighbor etc.

If you think you will overspend if buy something for those people, think again! The personalised wedding button badge is the best gift you can distribute on your wedding day! Why?


  1. Because you can custom make the design of the badge follow your wedding theme
  2. Because it’s easy to find the manufacturer or buy online. <<Click here>>
  3. Because your wedding guest can wear it on the spot.
  4. Because  the price is incredibly cheaper compare to other wedding gifts.

However, if button badge is  just not your favorite, there are plenty of personalised gifts you can get by <<click here>>

Most important, whatever gift product you want to give on your wedding day, make sure it is still within your budget.  At the end of the day, everyone happy and should enjoy the wonderful day. Happy Marry!!

Things You Can Do with Personalised Button Badge

Not many people realize the benefits of button badge on their daily life or business. Although the size of the button badge is normally small, but the impact is very high. One of the reasons is because button badge sends message directly and effectively.


Anyhow, when and where you can use button badge? Hereby is some of the ideas:

  1. Button badge for promotional giveaway: As we mention earlier, button badge are often used by any company during their promotional activities.  This is because, button badge is not too expensive like other promotional item.  Furthermore, you may directly put your promotional shout out on the button badge and distribute it to your target market.  Once they wear it, they indirectly become your company ambassador.
  2. Button badge for campaigns: As we mention earlier, button badge carries direct message.  Due to this reason, many NGO’s, political campaign was using button badge as a medium to transfer their message to the audience. Button badge helps them to convert their message in a very fun efficient way.
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  3. Button badge for identifications: Most of fast food restaurant, shopping mall is using button badge as their name tag.  There are 2 main reasons why they are using this way:

i.        Because its reduce formality and increase friendliness.
ii.        Because it looks more fun, suitable to the theme of those places.

Button badge is not just using by company, fast food restaurant, political people, NGO’s etc. but its also been use by an individual as an extra accessory or small token during their special event for example wedding, graduation party, birthday etc.

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Best Personalised Gift Ideas for Your Special Event

Conducting an event is very challenging especially when we’re looking for a gift for the participant or visitor who came to our event.  It will be much more difficult when your company does not have high budget but still need to find something special for those people who come to your event.

So what is the best product you can choose as a free gift?

Personalised Button Badge:

Who can resist with cute little badge that’s complete with photo and meaningful message? NO ONE? It’s just perfect for any kind of event and of course, it’s cheap!! Click here to check out great price you may get for personalised button badge! << CLICK HERE>>


Personalised Keychain:

Small but practical! It can be a key holder and it’s also can be a great additional accessory.  Keychain are also cheaper than other personalised gift.   Click here to check out great price you may get for personalised keychain! << CLICK HERE>>


Personalised Mouse Pad:

Almost 95% staff in the office will use computer complete with mouse and mouse pad.  Due to this reason, mouse pad with company logo is very relevant as a gift away product for your event.  Click here to check out great price you may get for personalised mouse pad! << CLICK HERE>>


There are more corporate gift product you can find with

At the end of the day, receiving a great gift on awesome event is a bonus for everyone.