The Journey of Button Badge


Button badge 1st seen in 1896 by one company called Whitehead and Hoag in New Jersey.  But during that time, button badge had a cloth front, not similar to what he have now. This patch been sowed onto a jacket, cloth that frequently used in the military for ranking identification purposed.

Button badge on that time become most prominent item same as postal stamps.
Most scouting organizations using badges to delegated their scouts group and ranks. Throughout the times, difference type and badge design introduced to the world.

In the early years, button badges were used to promote important people such as politicians, actors and sports star.  They use button badge to be distributed as a way to appreciate their followers and fans.

Button badges are very fun and fresh with the sizes, different background, wording, etc.  Nowadays, badges are not just come with badge pins, but it has also come with magnetic back, key rings, bottle opener back, mirror back, cell phone charms and many other personalised products.


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