03Charity and fun should come together.  That’s why we always suggest button badge as a medium to add fun to a charity project.  Button badge is extremely requires low cost but attractive and informative which is very suitable for any charity project.

There are no limits when we talk about button badge in fundraising activity.  But let us share some of the points why you should consider to use button badge as a promotional gift item during charity activities.

1. Low cost: you can never imagine how costly it would be when it comes to promotional activity.  Choosing button badge in your event can help you to reduce more cost.  Believe or not, many online gift shop provides quantity discount for bulk purchase of button badge.  So, why wait?? Grab this opportunity and print out your voices on top of the button badge and distributed it to your audiences.

2. DIY button: What does it means by DIY button badge? It means, you bring the button badge making machine during the event.  Do not worry, most of button badge machine is very compact and won’t take much space.  This is very interesting during an outdoor event as your audience can see how you process and makes the badge.  This is one of the ways how you can attract your audience to come to your booth, and take a look into the process and get to know more about your product or company.

3.The power of design: When we talk about personalised gift, design is always the key.  Make sure you got a killer design.  If you’ve not got with this, do not afraid to get a graphic designer to design your button badge.  Please remember, sometimes less is more.  We’re not coming to this event to sell product but to promote our company.  Want to know how to get more traffic to your website? Design a QR code for the badge and believed it or not, you’re inviting them to visit your webpage.  Make sure your website is attractive and informative to continue attracting the visitor’s interest.


Charity project often happens with a very large crowd.  Make sure you have enough finance, know how to attract audience during the event and getting their feedback/actions after the event.  Now you know how button badge can help you to introduce your company to the world.

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