EVERYBODY LOVE FASHION!! Button badges are one way you can make yourself look cool, cute, or classy.  Button badges have made several fashion statements over the years appearing on many world fashion cat walks. Traditionally, button badges are worn on your lapel  but button badges can be subversive , anti- establishment accessories and they can be worn literally anywhere.

Try covering a clapped-out bag in button badges, pin some on a hat, pin some on a scarf, pop a few on a wristband, pin a line of button badges  onto a skirt or pair of jeans – even place  a button on a ripped t-shirt just above your cleavage.  Button badges are the fastest way to customise your favourite clothes limited only by your collection of button badges and your imagination.

You may know how to express yourself. It isn’t about how many buttons you wear (although a 100 is not shy of expression) its about how you wear it, where you where it, and what design you choose to wear that is 100% uniquely you, and being you is the best way to maximize your flair.

Because of this phenomenon, there are more gift printing business owner involved in Button Badge Making Business.  Be part of them and enjoy a profitable business today!

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