Not many people realize the benefits of button badge on their daily life or business. Although the size of the button badge is normally small, but the impact is very high. One of the reasons is because button badge sends message directly and effectively.


Anyhow, when and where you can use button badge? Hereby is some of the ideas:

  1. Button badge for promotional giveaway: As we mention earlier, button badge are often used by any company during their promotional activities.  This is because, button badge is not too expensive like other promotional item.  Furthermore, you may directly put your promotional shout out on the button badge and distribute it to your target market.  Once they wear it, they indirectly become your company ambassador.
  2. Button badge for campaigns: As we mention earlier, button badge carries direct message.  Due to this reason, many NGO’s, political campaign was using button badge as a medium to transfer their message to the audience. Button badge helps them to convert their message in a very fun efficient way.
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  3. Button badge for identifications: Most of fast food restaurant, shopping mall is using button badge as their name tag.  There are 2 main reasons why they are using this way:

i.        Because its reduce formality and increase friendliness.
ii.        Because it looks more fun, suitable to the theme of those places.

Button badge is not just using by company, fast food restaurant, political people, NGO’s etc. but its also been use by an individual as an extra accessory or small token during their special event for example wedding, graduation party, birthday etc.

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